St. Marios Chapel

The small chapel of Agios Mario is located in the village of Tylissos in Heraklion, in an area surrounded by crops. The intention of the owner was to build a small chapel dedicated to a relatively unknown Saint, Saint Mario, who commissioned us to study and build the Holy Temple, which would include a landscaping to meet the needs of gathering and performance. mysteries outdoors. The property on which the Holy Temple was intended to be built was a small olive grove outside the settlement of Tylissos.

The main objectives of our study were the discreet location of the building and the configuration of the open spaces, the adaptation to the specific landscape, the use of natural materials and the use of aesthetic elements that go hand in hand with the construction materials and morphological elements used in similar uses. in the past.

It was decided to have a smooth transition from the open public space to the open private space with small shaping interventions that gradually start from the horizontal level and end at the vertical and the final volume of the building. In the process, a building was created – a ruin commemoration which is used as a covered gathering place for the public. The route through the plot ends at the main building of the Temple, which was decided to be a small one-room Temple with a gabled tiled roof.

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    Tylissos, Crete

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