Reconstruction of a Public Space in Kastraki Drapetsonas

The object of the study is the renovation of the common area next to the archaeological site of “Kastraki”, Municipal Unit of Drapetsona, Municipality of Keratsini-Drapetsona, with the aim of functional and aesthetic upgrade to be a characteristic hub for passers-by and locals in the future.
A densely populated urban environment calls for relaxation, on a plot of land on the border of the residential area with the international port of Piraeus.

The main objectives of the study are the connection of the area with the community, the promotion and respect of the archeological site, the strengthening of the cultural characteristics, the preservation and the aesthetic upgrade of the existing infrastructures. Specifically, it is proposed to concede part of the plot for the formation of urban squares to relax the residential activity, the indicative connection of the area with the port, the design of recreation and promenades for the needs of different age groups, such as playground, skate park, refreshment area and stop areas. The promotion and respect of the archeological site is achieved by the configuration of a common square – horizontal design proposals, absence in height of structures – visual connection with the archeological site and the proposal of low-noise activities – creation of a botanical garden – avoidance of intense activity, walk proposal.

  • Location

    Kastraki Drapetsonas

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  • Status

    Proposal for Competition